Oil Mist Eliminator

Oil Mist Eliminator KF 25

Oil Mist Eliminator KF25


These exhaust mist filters are designed to be attached to the outlet of rotary pumps and its purpose is to purify the exhaust gas from oil mist.

Inlet Flange KF25

Outlet Flange KF25


This filter may be used on any pump with a KF-25 exhaust flange, or any pump adapted to a KF-25 exhaust flange, up to a capacity of 300 L/min (10 CFM).


The oil element cartridge is enclosed in the case of the filter.

The cartridge change is quick and easy.

SCB also provides the spare cartidge SCBome02 and adapters for other KF sizes.



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Oil Mist Eliminator Replacement Element, Cartridge

Replacement Element


Filter Replacement Element for SCBome01 KF25 Oil Mist Eliminator


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