Cryogenic Impedance Bridge and Temperature Controller

SCBtcb01 Cryocon Cryogenic Impedance Bridge and Temperature Controller Model 54 ** Please contact us for current pricing **

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  • Four input channels, each capable of measuring resistance, mutual-inductance or inductance. Supported sensors include diode, resistance and mutual-inductance .
  • Operation from <100mK to over 1200K with an appropriate sensor.

  • Expandable to 28 inputs by use of an Ethernet based distributed instrument connection.
  • Four Control Loops add high accuracy temperature control.

  • Large color display with touchscreen and full keypad.

  • Industrial grade security: Configurable firewall, HTTPS encryption and authentication.
  • Two dry-contact 10A relay outputs.

  • User programmable, web browser based editor and debugger.
  • Remote interfaces include Ethernet, USBA for data logging and USBB serial port emulator. LabView™ drivers available, LXI Discovery.

  • National Instruments, Inc. LabVIEW drivers are available for all interfaces.


Ultra-Low Temperature Thermometry

  • He3 refrigerators, Dilution Refrigerators, ADRs.
  • Each input supports resistor, diode and mutual-inductance temperature sensors.
  • Differential sinewave excitation. Step-less constant-voltage to 100µV.
  • High precision heater outputs for excellent control stability.
  • Precision low power control outputs.

Material Science

  • Resistance, inductance and mutual-inductance measurement.
  • Low resistance measurement.


General purpose laboratory

  • Cryogenic bridge measures resistance, inductance and mutual-inductance.
  • Four inputs expandable to 28.
  • Four independent control loops.
  • Ethernet connectivity, Web 2.0.
  • Data logging to external memory.
  • LabView drivers for all remote interfaces


Cryocon Temperature Controller and Impedance Bridge Model 54
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