Temperature Monitors

CryoCon Temperature Monitor Model 12i ,14i & 18i

  • Eight, four or two multipurpose input channels support Diode, Platinum RTD and most cryogenic NTC temperature sensors.
  • Operation from 500mK to over 1,200K with appropriate sensor.
  • Large, bright highly configurable TFT-LCD display.
  • Industrial grade security: Configurable firewall, HTTPS encryption and authentication.
  • Two big 10A dry-contact relay outputs.
  • Modbus industrial protocol supports direct connection to most PLCs.
  • User programmable.
  • Embedded EPICS CA server.
  • Flexible input power: Power over Ethernet or external 7.5-48V AC/DC.
  • Continuous data logging into internal Non-Volatile memory.
  • Remote interface is Ethernet.
  • Remote command language is IEEE-488.2 SCPI compliant, ensuring your system software will not become obsolete.



Industrial Control Systems

  • Modbus protocol directly interfaces to most industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).
  • Flexible input power scheme with Power over Ethernet.
  • Two high current relay outputs.
  • Remote command language is SCPI compliant

Cryogen-Free systems

  • Up to eight input channels.
  • Two high-current relay outputs.

General purpose laboratory

  • Supports virtually every type of cryogenic temperature sensor.
  • Ethernet connectivity for ease of remote control.
  • Temperature activated relays and alarms.
  • Instrument status and control via a standard web browser.


Distributed Instrumentation

  • Ethernet facilitates separation of instruments over great distances so the instrument can be moved closer to the temperature sensors.
  • Many instruments can be connected to a single LAN.
  • Power over Ethernet simplifies power distribution.

Superconducting Magnets

  • Robust support for the NTC temperature sensors that are commonly used in magnet systems.
  • Internal data logging to NV memory records time stamped data and survives a power failure.

Data Acquisition / Computer control:

  • Secure Ethernet connection.
  • Remote command language is SCPI compliant
  • LabView™ drivers for all remote Interface

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M18i / M14i and M12i Datasheet
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