Superinsulation Foils

Cryoandmore develops superinsulation for cryogenic applications, used e.g. for cryostats, cryogenic piping and storage tanks, superconducting magnets or particle accelerators. For such applications a broad range of standard insulation packages with polyester foils and different spacer materials as well as crinkled insulation lay-ups can be supplied. The handling of the foils is much easier than wrapping 10 , 20 or 30 layers with single layer foil. The SCBnrc could be installed by 1 person easily. Another benefit is the cost saving against standard single layer foils which are sold in the market. A Standard 1 Side Aluminized Foil cost around 20€/m x 10m = 200 €/m without spotwelding.

Superinsulation Foil Type #3 NW

Superinsulation Foil Type #3 NW

  • 6µm Double Side Aluminized Polyester Foil perforated and interleaved with
  • 10 Layers non woven polyester spacer material
  • Ultrasonic spot-welded to hold the foils together
  • Dimension 1.50m x 3m Sheet or 50m Roll


799,00 €

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  • 1 - 3 Day Delivery1




Layer view with

Non Woven Polyester Spacer Material