Silicon Diode Sensor

The CY670 Series silicon diodes offer a more accurate reading of temperature ranges compared to previously marketed silicone diodes. Conforming to the curve CY670 standard voltage vs. temperature response curve, sensors within the CY670 Series are interchangeable, and for many applications they do not require individual calibration. CY670 Series sensors in the SD package are available in 5 tolerance bands–3 for general cryogenic use across the 1.4 to 500 K temperature range, and 1 that offers superior accuracy for applications from 30 K to room temperature. The CY670 Series sensors also come in a tolerance band (E), which is available only as a bare die. For applications requiring greater accuracy, CY670-SD diodes are available with calibration across the full 1.4 to 500 K temperature range. The CY670E bare die sensor provides the smallest physical size and fastest thermal response time of any silicon diode on the market today. This is an important advantage for applications where size and thermal response time are critical, including focal plane arrays and high temperature superconducting filters for cellular communication.



Standard Curve:                                                Curve CY670
Recommended Excitation:                             10 ìA, ±0.1%
Max Reverse Voltage:                                     60 V
Max Current Before Damage:                        1 mA, continuous or 100 mA, pulsed
Dissipation at Recommended Excitation:   16 µW @ 4.2 K; 10 µW @ 77 K; 5 µW @ 300 K
Thermal Response Time: SD Model:            Typical <10 ms @ 4.2 K, 100 ms @ 77 K, 200 ms @ 305 K
BR Model:                                                          1 ms @ 4.2 K, 13 ms @ 77 K, 20 ms @ 305 K
Use in Radiation:                                              Recommended for use only in low level radiation

Use in Magnetic Field:                                     Not recommended for use in magnetic field applications below 60 

                                                                             K; low magnetic field dependence when used in fields up to 5 

                                                                             tesla above 60 K

Reproducibility(*):                                            ±10 mK @ 4.2 K


Tange of Use
Limit Min.
Limit Max.
1.4K 500K
CY670E-BR 1.4K 500K

Temperature Volts
dV/dT (mV/K)
10K 1.38 -26.8
77K 1.03 -1.73
305K 0.560 -2.30


Temperature Typical Accuracy Long Term Accuracy (*)
1.4K ±12mK -
4.2K ±12mK 10mK
10K ±12mK -
77K ±22mK 40mK
300K ±32mK 25mK
500K ±50mK


(*) Short-term reproducibility data is obtained by subjecting sensor to repeated thermal shocks from 305 to 4.2 K

Order Information

Accuracy (Tolerance)
  2K - 30K   
  30 - 100K   
100 - 305K 305 - 500K
A (1)



±0.50K ±0.50K
B (2) ±0.50K ±0.50K ±0.50K

±0.33% of T

(1.01 to 1.65K)

C (3) ±1.0K ±1.0K ±1.0K

±0.5% of T

(1.53 to 2.50K)

D (4) (PRT Band) ±1.5K ±0.25K ±0.30K

±0.1% of T

0.305 to 0.500K)

E (Bare Chip Band) ±1.0K ±0.25K

±0.25% of T

(0.25 to 0.76K)

±0.25% of T

(0.76 to 1.25K)

Probe Configuration




Maximum Installation

Temperature Range

-SD 1.4 to 475K
200°C (392°F)
-ET 1.4 to 325K
60°C (140°F)
-BO 1.4 to 325K 60°C (140°F)
-CU 1.4 to 325K 60°C (140°F)
-LR 1.4 to 325K 60°C (140°F)
-MT 1.4 to 325K 60°C (140°F)
-CO 1.4 to 475K 200°C (392°F)
-CY 1.4 to 325K 60°C (140°F)